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Expert perspectives on AI and Copyright from a U.S. Senate hearing. Each Insight captures three speakers.

AI Enhances Creative Processes

AI technologies are being used to enhance and accelerate the creative processes across various fields, enabling new forms of content creation.

AI is a tool that can help to accelerate the creative process.

Mr. Brooks

One of our distributed artists used a generative AI tool to simultaneously release a single in six languages in his own voice.

Mr. Harleston

We've launched generative AI in our own tool, Adobe Firefly, and it has proved to be wildly popular with our creative professionals and consumers alike.

Mr. Rao

AI Raises Ethical and Economic Concerns

While AI offers significant advancements, it also raises ethical and economic concerns, particularly regarding the rights and compensation of original creators.

I think that in some instances, we've had artists who've been victims of deep fakes where the voice was appropriated and the lyric content was something the artist would never have said.

Mr. Harleston

What we're really targeting there is we see the economic displacement that we've been talking about here, where an AI is trained on an artist and creates an output that is exactly like the artist, and they're getting displaced by that work, and copyright may not reach them.

Mr. Rao

For example, polish artist Gret Bradkowski had his name used as as a prompt in AI products over 400,000 times, and these are the lower ends of the estimate.

Ms. Ortiz

AI and Intellectual Property Concerns

There is a significant concern among experts about the use of AI in relation to intellectual property and the unauthorized use of data.

Today, they are being used to train generative AI systems without authorization.

Mr. Harleston

Models like Stable Diffusion are trained on open datasets or curated subsets of those datasets.

Mr. Brooks

An outrageous act that under any other context would immediately be seen as unfair, immoral, and illegal.

Ms. Ortiz

Concerns about AI and Copyright Infringement

Experts express concerns about AI technologies using copyrighted materials without proper authorization, potentially harming original creators.

Generative AI raises challenging issues in the copyright space.

Mr. Harleston

These works were stolen and used to train for profit technologies with data sets that contain billions of image and text data pairs.

Ms. Ortiz

There are many outstanding questions in this space, including whether creating an AI model, which is a software program from a set of images, is a permitted fair use and whether that analysis changes if the output of that AI model creates an image that is substantially similar to an image on which it is trained.

Mr. Rao

AI's Impact on Creative Industries

There is a significant impact of AI on creative industries, with potential for both innovation and disruption.

We believe that developing these models is an acceptable and socially beneficial use of existing content that is permitted by fair use and helps to promote the progress of science and useful arts.

Mr. Brooks

We're committed to protecting our artists and the authenticity of their creative works.

Mr. Harleston

It is a technology that uniquely consumes and exploits the hard work, creativity, and innovation of others.

Ms. Ortiz

Opt-Out Mechanisms are Being Developed

Experts discuss the development and implementation of opt-out mechanisms to ensure that creators can choose whether their content is used in AI training.

We have committed to voluntary opt outs so that creators can choose if they don't want their online work to be used for AI training.

Mr. Brooks

I'm asking Congress to address this by enacting laws that require these companies to obtain consent, give credit, pay compensation, and be transparent.

Ms. Ortiz

With industry and government support, we can ensure AI data crawlers will read and respect this tag, giving creators the option to keep their data out of AI training datasets.

Mr. Rao

AI Content Identification and Management

Experts emphasize the importance of identifying and managing AI-generated content to ensure safety and authenticity.

We're implementing features to help users and tech platforms identify AI content.

Mr. Brooks

AI generated content should be labeled as such.

Mr. Harleston

I do think that there's an opportunity for Congress to mandate the carrying of a tag like that, a credential like that, wherever the content goes.

Mr. Rao

AI as a Tool for Customization and Personalization

AI technologies allow for significant customization and personalization, enabling users to tailor tools to their specific needs and enhance their productivity.

Creators, entrepreneurs, and researchers can customize these models to develop their own AI tools, build their own AI businesses, and find novel applications for AI that best support their work.

Mr. Brooks

AI tools have long been used in recording studios for drum tracks, chord progressions, and even creating immersive audio technologies.

Mr. Harleston

It lets them start their creative work in just one click and then they finish it in the tool.

Mr. Rao

Consumer Trust and Content Consumption

The trust consumers have in the authenticity of digital content directly influences their consumption behaviors.

As you all know, consumers deserve to know exactly what they're getting.

Mr. Harleston

They're going to stop consuming that content because they're not going to believe it.

Mr. Rao

Ever since I found out last August, September of what actually went behind the scenes, I just, I cannot use it.

Ms. Ortiz

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