Afterview (formerly Autolight) has provided Natural Language Processing solutions for Qualitative Data Analysis since 2017 and is trusted by firms serving a range of clients, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Michael Patrick

Michael Patrick is a software engineer and consumer insights analyst whose work has been featured in Fast Company, VentureBeat and Mashable. He consults with Insights firms and research teams on leveraging A.I. in qualitative research. Michael is a graduate of New York University with additional studies at Parsons and UCLA.


His talent, intelligence, and dedication are remarkable. He is a proactive problem solver, always willing to tackle challenges head-on and offer insightful solutions. What also sets Michael apart is his unwavering reliability.

Kevin Lee

Executive Chairman, Didit

President, eMarketing Association

Michael possesses rare qualities and a method that brings about significant results. His intellect and his masterful problem-solving considerably enhance our projects. He works seamlessly with a range of stakeholders, too.

Laurie R. Glenn

President & CEO, Thinkinc.

Founder & Director, ThinkArt Salon

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